How To Make a Video Game In Less Than 24-Hours (Step-by-Step)

This is the most complete guide to how to make a video game without knowing how to code.

So if you:

  • Are brand new and simply want to make your first game.
  • Have little or no knowledge of coding, modeling programs, or networking.
  • Want to create your very own single-player or online multiplayer game
  • Potentially turn game development into a career and begin making money from your games

Then you'll love the detailed strategies in today's guide.

Let's dive right in.

In the not-so-distant past, if you wanted to create your own games it was quite difficult...

You'd have to learn several different tools, some form of coding, and if you ever wanted to make some money from your creations, you'd have to learn how to marketing.

That is of course unless you had some funding to be able to hire a small studio to make the game for you...

...but most people don't have access to the kind of money required to pull that off.

Luckily, this is no longer the case, as recently several new game development tools are making it easier than ever for someone brand new to game development, to create their very own video games.

Rather watch a video?

Watch: How to Make A Game In Less Than 24-Hours (Step-by-Step) down below:

To Get Started Creating Games: Create My Core Account

How can I create my own game?

Before you begin making a video game, you first need to have an idea of which game you'd like to create. Next, it's important to learn about the tools you'll be using. It's helpful to go through tutorials that slowly introduce you to the feature sets the tools to provide.

Choosing A Game Engine

While there are several game engines to choose from, there is one in particular that I highly recommend for anyone brand new to creating games.

Currently, it's relatively unknown and is growing month over month in popularity.

The platform we'll be learning how to make our first game on is called Core Games, which is powered by one of the most popular game engines, Unreal 4.

What is Core Games? Core Games is a game construction kit, content exchange & platform for playing games, all in one. Core comes with several pre-loaded assets including UI, Models, and game logic. Which allows anyone to create a game with no coding required. Core also allows creators to earn a living from their creations by paying creators based on the performance of their games.

How easy is it to create a game on Core you ask? I started using Core on May 24th, 2020 within a day I had published my first game, a simple arena shooter which allowed me and a few friends to all hop in and play.

A month later my buddy Marcus & I created the first action RPG on the platform called Heroborne. Since then we've had multiple titles that we've launched or had a hand in creating.

Sound Good?

First, you'll want to create a completely free Core account. This account will allow you to create, publish, and play other games on the platform. When signing up be sure to use a real valid email as you'll need to verify this to complete your registration.

To Get Started Creating Games: Create My Core Account

If you want to learn more about the basics of Core, such as how to set up your profile and getting familiar with the launcher, check out my guide: Getting Started With Core Games

Once you've set up and verified your account, it's important to get familiar with the platform.

Game Creation Tools

As a game creator, most of your time will be spent in the "Create Tab" found in the Core platform.

Core gives you access to everything you need to be able to begin creating your very own video games all completely free.

This is extremely powerful because it gives you the power of industry-leading tools, all in a simple to use editor.

To learn more about the Core Editor, check out my guide: How To Use The Core Editor

If you're like me and would much rather watch a video, I went ahead and filmed an intro video for you which can be viewed down below:

Spend some time playing around with the editor to get familiar with the tools a bit. Don't get intermediated if this looks complicated at first, just like anything there will be a bit of a learning curve, but I can promise you it's quite easy to pick up.

Game Frameworks

When first starting I highly suggest taking advantage of the various frameworks that Core has to offer. These frameworks are a starting point that contains the bulk functionality that you'll need to create your first game.

I highly recommend starting with one of the shooter templates as first-person and third-person shooters are extremely popular and doing so will allow you to publish your first game extremely quickly.

To begin, simply click on the Create menu button and select New Project in the sub-menu.

You'll be presented with three options:

  • New Empty Project
  • Gameplay Frameworks
  • Community Projects

Click on View Frameworks, under the Gameplay Frameworks option.

You'll then be presented with several different frameworks to choose from.

In this example, we'll be selecting the Third Person Deathmatch framework.

After selecting your framework of choice, you'll be prompted to name your project. Don't worry this will not be the live name of your game, this title is internal only to you, but if you already have a game name in mind go ahead and add it.

Once you've named your project and click on create, you'll be brought to the Core Editor with the entire framework ready to go.

At this stage, your game is 100% playable and can even be published so you and some friends can play, but before doing so I highly recommend making it your own, by customizing the map, changing weapons, etc.

If you would like to test the game locally click on the play button found at the top of the editor. Or if you'd like to see how the game performs in multiplayer you can enable multiplayer preview to launch multiple clients on your computer.

Community Content

Not only at this point do you have access to all the tools you need to create video games, but you also have access to a full catalog of assets made by other creators that are free for you to use in your games.

Community Content is a great place to find all sorts of game props, drag-and-drop functionality, and in our particular case, weapons to add to your game!

Feel free to look through the Community Content catalog, if you do stumble across something you'd like to add to your game, simply click on the thumbnail and click on import to bring it into your project.

The new asset will be imported into your project and can be found under the project content tab.

Some community content will come with a Read Me doc, once the asset is dragged into the hierarchy, I suggest reading this as the creator has provided instructions on how best to use it in your game.

Tip: If you do use assets found in community content, I always recommend giving the original creator of those assets credit in your game description. You are also welcome to edit assets found on community content and repost them for others to use, but once again it's always best practice to give credit where credit is due.

Publishing Your Game

On you are happy with your game, you can publish it to the Core platform as either a public or unlisted game.

To publish your game, simply click the Publish Game button in the upper right-hand corner of the editor.

Next, you'll need to add some information about your game.

  1. Give your game a name -I suggest making this a unique game name, don't use copyright terms of copy someone else's game name.
  2. Write a description - This is what players will read before playing your game, inform the players what they should expect from playing your game. Be sure to credit other creators in the game description if they helped you or provided assets that can be found in your game from Community Content.
  3. Add relevant tags - Adding the proper tags will help players find your game in the future. If your game makes sense to be in a certain category add it as a tag (a max of 5 tags can currently be used).
  4. Take screenshots for your game - Screenshots will help draw the player's eye, be sure to take a high-quality screenshot of your game. The first image uploaded will be the thumbnail of your game in the launcher.
    • You can take snapshots in-editor with the camera button by running preview mode, then hitting TAB to pause the game.
    • You can also select an image file from your directory via the folder button.

Unlisted Game

Making your game unlisted will generate a private link that you can share with your friends.

Only people that have access to the link can join your game.

While playing an unlisted game, the game title will not show up in your profile status or under recently played games.

Unlisted games are great if you're wanting to test your game before making the game public, or if you simply want to keep it as a private game to be able to play with your friends.

Public Game

When you're happy with your game and ready to share it with the world, you can publish your game as public.

Public games show up in the Core launcher for all Core players.

If for whatever reason you no longer wish to have a game be public, you can always go back and swap it to Unlisted, by republishing the game.

Making Money From Your Games

Back in July Core launched the Core Creator Payouts Pilot Program, it allows creators to make $3, 4, 6, and even $12 per monthly DAU.

That means that so long as you are in the program and get a minimum of 50 Daily Active Users (DAU) for the month on average you can make a minimum of $3 for each player. It breaks down like this *50 Players $3 = $150 per month from each game** that hits the minimum.

If your game hits other metrics such as a higher Day One Retention (D1) your game can generate up to $12 per DAU. So long as your account still meets the other requirements.

Now, this is just Core's pilot program and they've already mentioned there is more cool monetization that creators will have in the future, so this is just the beginning.

So if you ever want to turn your new-found hobby into a lucrative income stream, this may be something you should consider.

Where to go from here?

To be successful on the platform, I recommend getting to know other creators and even collaborating with others to create projects.

I personally have met many friends on Core and a few of them I consistently create new things in Core with every single day.

Don't get discouraged if at first, you feel like you don't have the skills to be successful. We all have to start somewhere and I've personally met several people that have never created a game before and are already finding success on the platform. Myself included!

If you'd like to be able to chat with my team and me directly please join us on Discord & subscribe to me on YouTube for more Core guides and tutorials!