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Run 24

Created By: Mucusinator & Morticai

As you run and collect various pickups throughout the map, you level up to increase your speed and jump height.

Collect coins to unlock different apperance items in the shop.

Opt-in to compete against your friends and win races for more rewards or stay in the lobby map to continue growing your character.

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Hazard Pay - Death Run

Created By: Mucusinator & Morticai

Runners - Race against others, to avoid traps set by the hunter in this action packed Death Run. Make it to the end without getting hit by a trap and get revenge on the hunter.

Hunters - Trigger various traps, to stop anyone from making it to you in time, how long can you fend off the runners?

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Heroborne - Champions Arise

Created By: Mucusinator & Morticai

Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and soon huge bosses.

Players will enjoy jaw-dropping graphics, intuitive skill-based combat, and action packed Player vs. Player.

Level up and aquire more weapons / armor to defeat stronger foes!

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Created By: Mucusinator & Morticai

A fast-paced, 4 player co-op Sci-Fi shooter, where you and your team have to race the cloak in completing 8 different missions.

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