About Brent Dunn (Morticai)

Gaming has been a large part of my life and creating games has always been a dream of mine.

However, building games was something I always viewed as something I could focus on "later" as I never found a path to do it professionally.

That was...

Until I found Core.

I started using Core on May 26th 2020 and have been using the platform ever since.

While I have no background in Game Development, I will always push myself to be better and share the journey with you here on GamerTitan along the way.

Feel free to add me on Core and never be afraid to reachout if you have a question.

What Is GamerTitan?

GamerTitan helps you accelerate your Core Games, game building efforts. By providing condense, actionable, step-by-step video tutorials to you spend less time learning and more time creating.